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A cozy village simulator and
decoration puzzle game.

Dream of escaping to the country life?


In "Cottage Connections" you build your own cozy village. Starting with just a cottage and a stable, build up to a bustling town. Help your quirky neighbors with their problems and forge new friendships.


Spend the day breeding and training horses, growing your ranch, or playing matchmaker!

Or just spend the day fishing at the pond.. it's up to you!



Is Romance in the Cards?

Village Simulator

Collecting Horses

Decoration Puzzle

With every turn of the cards, you'll uncover the opportunity to welcome new faces to your village.

As you immerse yourself in the lives of these quirky characters, you'll find yourself drawn into their stories, setting the stage for heartwarming connections and delightful romantic twists.

Pair villagers with their horses and plan their days, and watch your village thrive. From mowing hay to baking bread, there is always some work to be done.

But country life is not all about work. Kick your heels up and eat some pie at the county fair.

In the 1800s, horses were central to daily life. They delivered milk, took children to school, and plowed fields – truly the heart of it all.

Collect and train horses to fulfill every role in your new country life.

"Cottage Connections" includes 100 unique decoration puzzles, each with its own challenges. Starting with your close friends and city planning skills, can you make these new settlements work?

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